If you haven't yet heart of Breast augmentation, then its nothing else than breast implant used to change the shapre and size of a women's breast. The need for a correction may vary and its a personal choice which women enjoy. However, certain medical conditions can also require a breast augmentation to be performed like for example correction after removal of cancerous cells in the breast. The implants used in such cases can be filled with sterrile saline-solution or silicone gel. A third option is to use alternative implants which are filled with soy oil etc. Breast augmentation procedures can usually take a couple of hours. General Anaesthetia is usually given during the operation procedure and might require a stay in hospital for a day or two. However, in exception cases the patients may be discharged on the same day of the operation. Breast augmentation is now considered a very safe and a normal non risky procedure.

The breast implants used are of various types as is dicussed here in various sections. Breast augmentation is a surgical term which is often used interchangeably with breast implants.

For women who desire to change, alter or shape their breast line, the most common course of action is to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The activity was initially a preserve of the rich and famous, however, it has increasingly become more common due to its affordable rates.

Breast Augmentation is also known as breast enhancement and there are numerous ways a woman can have her bust altered. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct thorough and proper research before committing to a certain procedure.

Breast enlargement us the most common process that many people consider when it comes to breast augmentation. The procedure is exactly as it sounds, implants are custom made from artificial materials and are then surgically inserted into the breast of a woman.

Breast augmentation is a surgery to enhance the shape and size of a women's breast. The reasons might be personal or might be due to a medical condition. However, nowadays many are opting it voluntarily to improve the overal body shape.