There is a possibility of the rupture of the breast implants. This can lead to several damages. There may be a leak of the inner compounds, if the implant ruptures. These may lead to problems like accumulation of the compounds in other body areas like the breasts and armpits.

It can also lead to fatal problems like blindness and deafness. It may lead to capsular contracture and which may give rise to nervous  system related problems. Hence, it is a wise decision to take into account the possible problems regarding the breast implants. With the advancement in technology, new methods were introduced in this field which can make it possible to have breast enlargement without implants.

Breast enlargement is the surgery done in order to increase the size of the breasts. This surgery is also known as breast augmentation. During this surgery, breast implants are surgically introduced in the body which make the breasts fuller and bigger. The breast implants are basically, a spherical or hemispherical shaped, thin and skin-like devices which fit in the chest area by the means of surgery. These breast implants are three types: silicone implants, saline implants and implants made of mixed materials like soy oil and some hydrocarbon compounds. This surgery is performed by women who need a restructuring of the breasts.

Breast enlargement is done in order to beautify a woman. It helps in boosting the confidence of women. It also helps in enhancing the feminine look. Women who underwent breast enlargement admitted to increase in their confidence, better social life and also an improvement in the sexual life. These are some of the advantages of having the breast enhancement surgery. As the compounds used in the making of the breast implants are substances like silicone and other foreign compounds, breast implants also have some disadvantages.